About us

Our ultralight No Added Sugar Dream Spread with Meringues is an innovative form of your favourite summer dessert packed in a jar. Whether you choose White Chocolate with Raspberry Meringues or Cheesecake with Lemon Meringues, this delicious product delivers the “WOW” factor every single time. Its smooth and creamy texture combined with crunchy meringues without a trace of added sugar or palm oil will instantly turn your waffles, toast or wafers into a classic dessert treat. Pick your favourite flavour and enjoy the taste of summer all year long!

Why us

Our unique Protein Spread with erythritol truly is one of the kind. It’s a perfect combination of delicious flavours and over 16% protein content. This innovative product is all about rich, creamy texture and divine sweetness without added sugar, maltitol or palm oil. Thanks to the use of erythritol it doesn’t increase sugar cravings and helps fight sugar addiction. As a rich source of protein it’s great both as a pre or post workout snack and as a nutritious treat giving you an instant energy boost during your busy day. Try once and fall in love forever!